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Quality & Environment

Quality & Environment

Ferrero has always been particularly sensitive to the issue of quality and environmental protection and was the first Italian company in it's field:
in 1995 to achieve the certification in accordance with ISO 9002 standards
in 2005 to achieve the certification according to ISO 14001:2004
Currently the Company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
Welder Approval according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2013. Certification Body RINA
Visual Testing Certificate according to UNI EN ISO 9712:2012. Certification Body BUREAU VERITAS

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


UNI EN ISO 14001:2015


UNI EN ISO 9712:2012


Corporate Policy
The continuous evolution of the expectations and needs of the Clients, strongly reinforced by the competitiveness of the market, requires flexible organization models and simplified management systems, of which you need to monitor the efficiency in terms of expected results. For this reason, the company Ferrero has developed an Integrated System (Quality, Security Environment and Ethics - QAS) as a mean for reaching the fixed aims.

The Integrated System is structured in order to foresee a suitable control and assurance of all the operative processes affecting the quality of the service and the product supplied, with a perspective of ever greater orientation to the Client.

The application field of Ferrero is clearly identified in the activity of project, construction and commercialization of racks for automotive parts and metal fabrication with processing inside the company and entrusted to suppliers in outsourcing approved and daily controlled by competent staff on which the company has influence in environment, security and ethic and social context.

The fundamental principles of the policy of the Integrated System are:

The Client's satisfaction;
The attention to the social and environmental aspects according to the cogency and concern aims;
The staff's security;
The efficiency in the performance as regards quality and environmental, ethic and social security;
The quality of the supplies according to the requirements of all the parts concerned;
The continuous improvement of the quality and the ethic and social environment system;
The engagement to protect the environment and to prevent pollution during the phases of work, both internal and entrusted to outsourcing and in all the cycle of life of the product (from the project phase and the latter one of the disposal of the product);
The respect of the Ethic Code.

The policy of the Integrated System is shared by all the personnel operating in the concern and the methodology of the Integrated System has created strong synergies between the various company processes.

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