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Underground and Aboveground
Tanks for LPG and DME

Underground and Aboveground Tanks for LPG and DME

The tanks destined to the storage of LPG and DME can be external or underground and they are produced according to the European Rule in force AD 2000 and the Directive PED/97/23/EC.

As regards the underground tanks, the external surfaces are prepared for the final painting through abrasive blasting at the degree Sa 2.5 according to the rule PN-ISO 8501-1 and they are covered with a finish layer in ENDOPRENE guaranteeing a resistance to the drilling till 14 kV and long life (they are guaranteed till 20 years).

The external tanks are covered with epoxy, class C 3, according to the rule PN-EN ISO 22944-2 guaranteeing long life.

Internally they are covered with special paints complying with the liquid stored inside.

On request, it is possible to produce the tanks with relative SKID in carbon steel or stainless steel according to the requirements. It is an external metal structure supporting the tank and its equipment and it is a perfect solution to allow an easy and sure handling.

The tanks are supplied with all the accessories and equipment, among which the pump modules Corken.

The tanks are supplied with all the documentation certifying the suitability of the product and the certifications issued by the Bodies such as the Office Of Technical Inspection (UDT) and approved by the Chief Office for Measurements (GUM) and not only.

Download the technical card here.

Use of LPG and DME tanks:

Fuel stations
LPG and DME storage structures
Movable distribution plants
Heating installations (public and residential buildings, etc.)

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